Saturday couldn’t arrive quick enough for those of us looking forward to the Mayweather vs. Otiz fight.  So much build up in the HBO series 24/7, with the father and son issues in the Mayweather camp, Ortiz’s hard-luck upbringing, and plenty of trash talking (mostly from Mayweather),  we just knew this had the makings of an interesting fight.

 Many believed Mayweather would use his experience to out box the younger Ortiz, and cruise to a unanimous decision.  I researched a lot of information surrounding this fight and what I read was expected but a bit overwhelming. The odds in Vega were 6-1 in Mayweather’s favor.  I also read and watched interviews with some of boxing’s most prestigious analyst and experts. Some predicted Mayweather would k.o. Ortiz in 10 rounds, others thought that Ortiz’s corner would throw in the towel in 8 rounds, but most believed Mayweather would use his supreme boxing skills to win a unanimous decision.  No one expected what would actually happen.

In my opinion, Ortiz lacked confidence since the beginning of 24/7, even more so with the walk to the ring.  Mayweather as always looked sure of himself, and ready to execute the game plan.  From the opening bell, it was clear Ortiz wasn’t comfortable. Ortiz found himself moving and trying to box, whereas before he is usually the aggressor, and Mayweather was pressing the action, something we aren’t use to seeing from him.  Mayweather jabbed and countered to perfection as he stalked Ortiz.  This continued into the 4th and final round. Ortiz started to mount an attack on Mayweather, but couldn’t connect cleanly.  Out of frustration, Ortiz purposely jumped up and head butted Mayweather in the mouth. The referee took a point away from Ortiz. Ortiz seemed to be genuinely remorseful in his apology to Mayweather, which he gave 3 times. If you listen closely at 1:04 in the clip, referee Cortez, clearly say’s “let’s go” to continue the action.  That is the green light to throw punches, which also means to protect yourself at all times!!! Ortiz went  to apologize yet again, and as soon as there was separation, Mayweather connected with a crisp left hook straight right combo flooring Ortiz, who was unable to beat the 10 count.  Everyone has their opinion whether it was clean or not.  You are warned in the beginning of the fight to protect yourself at all times….clearly Ortiz didn’t get that memo!

Please post your opinion on the fight.



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