Where are the heavyweights??

Posted in sports on September 13, 2011 by Dayron Booth

Recently, I had a conversation with someone about the dying breed that is American heavyweights in boxing.  When you think about it,  the era of American heavyweights was lost with guys like Riddick Bowe, Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson,George Foreman, Michael Moorer, and a few others.  So the question was asked, where are all the real heavyweights???  The only answer that I could come up with was, that they all play in the NFL!  Can you imagine if guys like Ray Lewis, Julius Peppers, James Harrison, Demarcus Ware, or even a few tight ends were heavyweight boxers?  These men are freakish athletes with super hero like strength that would probably destroy the Klitschko brothers in my opinion. Properly trained of course.

It was suggested that I start a promotional company to bring these type of players to boxing to restore honor to American heavyweights. If it was that easy trust me, I’d have a stable of heavyweight champions!  Maybe the next time we have a NFL lockout I can make something happen…….LOL Yeah right!!!


Dust yourself off and try, try again…

Posted in boxing on September 5, 2011 by Dayron Booth

Coming off of an upset loss against Victor Ortiz in a welterweight title defense on April 16th, Andre Berto got back in the ring against Jan Zaveck, for Zaveck’s IBF welterweight title.  As always, Berto looked sharp, fast, powerful, and very explosive, against the very tough European  Zaveck.  Berto seemed more determined than ever to regain a welterweight title and erase the memory of his defeat to Ortiz.  From the starting bell both men came out with a seek and destroy mentality.  Brutal combination’s were exchanged throughout the fight, with Berto handing out the worst of it.  Zaveck started to develop some serious swelling around his right eye  in the 4th and 5th rounds, and Berto attacked it.  In between rounds, the ring doctor and Zaveck’s corner determined that there was too much damage done to Zaveck’s eye and stopped the fight. Berto was ahead on all score cards giving him the victory and crowning him the new IBF champ!  In the post fight interview, an emotion Berto declared he was re-focused, hungry, and had a new determination for the sport, also mentioning that he would love to have a rematch with Victor Ortiz……I wouldn’t mine seeing that again!!

Congrats to my boy Andre Berto and I look forward to seeing him in the ring again soon!!

Mayweather vs. Otiz 24/7 Part 2

Posted in boxing on September 4, 2011 by Dayron Booth

This weeks episode wasn’t as impressive, dramatic, or interesting as last weeks episode. Actually, it seemed a bit repetitive.  The subject of Ortiz’s upbringing still continues to be the main focus of the show.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a blessing for him to be where he is in life considering his childhood circumstances.  But this is the way of it for many people in this world, he’s not the only one……get over it!!!

Oscar De La Hoya, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, former champ and opponent of Floyd Mayweather, stopped in to add his 2 cents.  It seems like Oscar De La Hoya always has some kind of advice for Mayweather’s opponents.  Which is funny to me  because Mayweather beat De La Hoya.  How can you help someone pass the test in which you failed yourself?

Floyd Mayweather annoyed me a bit as well.  Mayweather and his friend, rapper 50 cent, pretended to have a conversation on phones made of stacks of money! Really Floyd???? We know you’re crazy rich, but that little act was just STUPID!!!  However, this pre-school act doesn’t change how hard the man works and dedicates his self in the gym. You have to respect  a fighter who does 3-a-day workouts finishing at 2:30 a.m. to perfect his craft.

We are 2 weeks away from the fight and time couldn’t move any slower! So for now we’ll have to settle for 24/7, hopefully next weeks episode will be better.

Controling Your Blood-Pressure

Posted in nutrition on August 31, 2011 by Dayron Booth

Here’s a few quick tips to help avoid hyper-tension :

Exercise regularly–  this helps to keep off unwanted pounds, pounds which can contribute to the  gain of high blood-pressure as well as high cholesterol.

Clean dieting- be sure to stay away from fried, sugary, and  high sodium foods.  Fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and lean meats are important parts of maintaining a healthy diet.  Try to incorporate whole grains, poultry, fish, nuts, Mushrooms, and garlic to help  reduce high blood pressure. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!!

Limit alcohol intake- alcohol is fine when consumed in moderation. Drinking too much alcohol can raise the blood pressure of those with hypertension or those with normal blood pressure to develop hypertension.  Keep in mind that if hypertension medication and alcohol are combined  can enhance side effects and change the effectiveness of the medication.

Caffeine and Stress- again, all in moderation.  Beverages with caffeine  cause only short-term increases in blood pressure. If you have hypertension or heart disease, your primary health care physician  may recommend limited amounts of caffeine.  Stress can play a major role in high blood pressure. Work, home, or other stressful environments can cause a spike in your blood pressure. Try to stay calm and avoid stressful situations to help reduce the chance of increasing blood pressure.

Follow these tips, and keeping your blood pressure under control should be easy!!





Mayweather vs. Ortiz 24/7

Posted in boxing on August 28, 2011 by Dayron Booth

Another great installment of HBO’s 24/7.  This weeks episode was filled with brash talk, emotion, and plenty of drama.

Victor Ortiz’s story is an interesting one.  Victor and his younger brother Temo, abandoned at a very young age by their parents, were forced to survive on their own.  Forced to live house to house with friends, until they eventually ended up in foster care. This experience gave Victor the hunger and determination to train hard,  with an unshakable will to strive for success.  Ortiz has this belief that this struggle that he has endured will help him in defeating Mayweather, that if he survived his youth, he can survive the challenge that is Floyd Mayweather.

There’s plenty to be said about the Mayweather camp. Floyd works hard in the gym as always, using the same training methods and the same team he’s always worked with.  Unconvinced, that the younger Ortiz poses any threat, Mayweather focuses more on his personal issues such as pending court dates, his new fiancé, and the ongoing feuds with his father. Towards the end of the episode, Floyd Sr. and Jr. engaged in a heated argument about whose the reason for Jr’s success.  Both father and son have great pride and arrogance, making it difficult for either man to back down in this debate.  Instead of  focusing on getting ready the fight with Ortiz, a fight nearly broke out between Jr. and Sr. The 2 had to be separated by security. Floyd Jr. asked Floyd Sr. to leave (in so many words).

This series is shaping up to be a great build up to the fight. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.



Posted in boxing on August 27, 2011 by Dayron Booth

If  you interviewed any boxer, 9 out of 10 times they will tell you that they had a troubled upbringing.  Whether it’s gangs, drugs, absentee parents, abuse, poor household, rough neighborhood, or many other negative scenarios.  In most cases, these experiences compels a person into the sport of boxing.  Would a person turn to boxing if they didn’t have to, or does someone turn to boxing out of necessity to escape their situation?  Anger, frustration, bad behavior, and a destructive  personality seems to make for an easy fit and transition into boxing. But does this determine your greatness as fighter?  If your life experience is worse than the next fighter does that give you the upper hand or more talent?  Better yet, if you took a child that’s well-rounded, who attended the best schools, wealthy family upbringing, never struggled, and had unlimited opportunities, would he succeed as a boxer or even make an attempt at the sport?  Or could you put anyone in boxing, who’s a natural athlete with raw talent, and works hard in the gym and make him a world-class fighter?

All interesting questions.  I’d love to have everyone’s opinion on this topic.  Please let me know your feelings and if you agree with any of the above statements.


Posted in fitness on August 24, 2011 by Dayron Booth


Ever been to the gym and trained so hard that you felt dizzy, nauseous, or ready to pass out?  This is typical in most gyms.  In most cases, this happens when someone hasn’t been exposed to daily activity, or experience an unusual increase in workout intensity.  In other cases, it can be due to low blood sugar.   If you hadn’t eaten over an extended period of time and then workout, you may notice that your energy may be low, and eventually dizziness may set in.

Another big part of this can be lack of hydration. Drinking plenty of water can save the day.  Dehydration can be the main cause of nausea and the feeling of passing out.  Be sure to drink half your weight in water ounces daily.  This will help maintain the necessary hydration that the body needs.

It’s important that throughout the course of your workout that you pay attention to your breathing habits.  Like boxing, martial arts or any action where you need to breathe during short bouts, it’s essential that you maintain slow controlled breathing to get oxygen to the blood flow, expanding lunge capacity.  Take deep breaths in through the nose, hold for 3 seconds, and then release slow out of the mouth.  This will help slow the heart rate and prevents panting, keeping your breathing under control. This also helps the prevention of dizziness and nausea.

Try to remember these gym guidelines and the awful feeling of passing out and vomiting will pass you by.

Happy training!!!